What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Vinyl Flooring?

When building or renovating a commercial space, it’s vital that you get the foundation right. If you don’t, you can face a whole host of issues that can impact safety, functionality, and even profitability. For this reason, finding the right floor should always be the first step on your to do list once you get […]

Floor Embossing And Texture – What Is Embossed In Register Flooring?

Ever wondered what Embossed in Register means when you see it on our labels? This is the blog for you. Today we’ll be looking at what Embossed in Register floors are and the benefits you can get from this type of embossing, as well as what other floor texture options are available. What Does Embossed […]

Meet Our Six Star Acoustic Superstar – New Hard Flooring Underlay Alert

When selecting new flooring, your main focus is probably on how your chosen floors will look within your home. While this is certainly a good starting point – you have to see them all day, every day, after all – it’s not the only thing that you need to consider. Flooring accessories such as scotia […]

It’s Our Fifth Birthday

birthday cake with a number 5 candle and the text it's our fifth birthday

This year Imagine Floors by Airstep is turning five! Happy Birthday to us! During the past five years we’ve built a fabulous team who are truly passionate about helping people get the right floors for their homes and bring their dream designs to life – and we’re super happy with how far our team and […]

Alive And Well – Meet Our New Hybrid Flooring – Asha

If you’re after a floor that can help bring positive vibes to your space, the stunning decors available in our new Asha Hybrid flooring collection could be exactly what you need. These beautiful floorboards offer true to life detail, and with a name that means “alive and well”, you can be sure that they’ll add […]

10 New Year’s Resolutions To Level Up Your Home In 2023

Many people like to make resolutions for themselves for the new year, but have you ever thought about making resolutions for your space? Not only do our homes tend to mirror us, but we also mirror them, and our environments can have far more of an impact on our mental wellbeing than we realise. In […]

Keep Your Cool – Best Floors To Help You Beat The Heat

As we head into the warmer weather you may be searching for renovations that can help keep your home cooler during the Summer months. While moving windows around to make use of passive design probably isn’t on the cards in many instances, and changing up your insulation isn’t always practical, there is one relatively simple […]

Underlay For Vinyl Floors

When renovating their home or building a new one, many people choose Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring as it can be installed throughout the entire house and feels wonderfully warm and soft underfoot. However, as it is often not a floating floor, but rather a stick down or loose lay option, the question of appropriate underlay […]

What To Do If Your Floors Get Wet

Unless you’re creating a space that’s purely for show, your floors are pretty much guaranteed to get wet at some point in their lifetime. This is especially true of areas such as your bathroom, kitchen, laundry and dining spaces, but even bedrooms and lounge areas are not immune to spills – especially if you have […]

Introducing The Oatlands Edit – Discover Our Refreshed Décor Options

Looking for some fresh Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring options for your home? You’re in luck, our Oatlands collection has undergone a refresh and the new edit features some fantastic shades to suit any style. What colours are staying? Four of the original decors from the Oatlands Luxury Vinyl Plank collection will be remaining with us […]

Spring Flooring Inspiration

With spring being that time that we traditionally give everyone a good clean, it’s no surprise that many are now also choosing this season as the one that they’ll complete their renovations in. Unlike Winter, when it’s far too cold to be outside for long, or Summer where we’re likely to need to be able […]

Master Suite Makeover

The master suite is arguably one of the most important parts of any renovation. While the kitchen may be the heart of the home, it’s important to create a sanctuary just for you if you really want to make a home feel like your own. The great news is that a master suite doesn’t have […]

How To Create The Perfect Home Library Or Reading Nook

Today’s blog is for the bookworms out there who have always dreamt of having their very own library. While you’re probably not going to have the space to create a full grand room like they always picture in the movies, a small study within your home makes the perfect library space if you set it […]