The best of both worlds.

Imagine Floors by Airstep’s Hybrid is your flooring wish list come true. All the features you want in a floor wrapped up into one product. With its natural hardwood look, 100% waterproof surface, dent resistance and superior stability in all climatic conditions, Hybrid is the perfect flooring choice. This is what the innovation of Hybrid brings to your home.


Hybrid’s eye-catching designs are created using superior imaging technology, with textures and edges that mimic the real look and feel of traditional hardwoods. Hybrid is the perfect flooring option to handle the Australian lifestyle in every room of your home.

Hybrid Flooring Is Ideal For:

Hybrid flooring is great for those who live in humid or rapidly fluctuating climates. Because these floorboards are happy in any environment, they are also an ideal choice for those who want authentic hardwood but do not live in a suitable area.

Explore some of the benefits of our Laminate floors by selecting the icons, then browse our extensive range below to discover the base for the interior design of your dreams:

Now that you’ve had a moment to explore our Hybrid flooring options, we’re sure you’ll agree that they’re absolutely wonderful! If you’re ready to make a purchase, simply find a local flooring expert who stocks your preferred style, head down and say hello. If you’d like a little more information however, keep reading. 


As a relatively new option on the market, Hybrid flooring is doing a great job of proving that it can stand up against traditional favourites. Providing the best of both worlds when it comes to both beauty and durability, these floorboards even offer a 100% waterproof surface. Plus, all Imagine Floors by Airstep Hybrid Flooring is DIBT Certified and REACH Compliant, meaning it won’t release nasties into your home or the environment. Hybrid floors are also incredibly easy to install, making them great for the DIY enthusiast or flipper looking to save some money. 


To take a more in-depth look at this wonderful flooring option, check out the blogs below:  


Hard floors are assigned a Class Rating based on their suitability for different situations.


When you see Class Rating 23 assigned to a floor, this means that it is suitable for installation in even the highest traffic areas of your home.


Class Rating 23 is the highest residential rating achievable and is applicable to most Imagine Floors by Airstep flooring collections.


Creating a quieter interior environment is beneficial to the health of your family, but it’s also a requirement in many instances.


Mutli-residence buildings often have codes and regulations in place that dictate how much impact sound your flooring choice can produce. The good news is that when you see this icon, the Imagine Floors by Airstep flooring that you’re selecting is inherently acoustic compliant with the vast majority of requirements.


Floors that feature a waterproof surface are a great choice for those worried about spills or other accidents in their home. Our Luxury Vinyl Plank floorboards and Hybrid floors feature an inherently waterproof surface thanks to their water-resistant construction, while our Laminate floors enjoy a waterproof surface thanks to their aluminium oxide wear layer.


In some cases – like with our Luxury Vinyl Plank floors and Hybrid flooring – a waterproof surface also means that floorboards are suitable for installation in wet areas such as bathrooms (excluding shower bases) and laundries. This allows for the creation of a seamless design throughout your entire home – a great perk for those who want consistency in their style. 


Floors that trap dirt and dust also trap allergens and other things that aren’t great for your health. The good news is that all Imagine Floors by Airstep flooring is low allergenic. This means that it does not trap allergens or other foreign particles and is therefore far less likely to harbour things that can cause allergic reactions.


This is thanks to their closed, hard surfaces, and easy to clean nature. Some floors, like our Luxury Vinyl Plank collections, are also antibacterial which further enhances their hygienic nature and helps you build a healthier environment for your family. 


Phthalates are a group of chemicals that find their way into many products. In the context of flooring, these man-made chemical compounds are commonly used as plasticisers in Vinyl and Hybrid floors. This can have a negative impact on the health of both your family and your interior environment. 


The good news is that all Imagine Floors by Airstep flooring is proudly phthalate free. Our products make use of bio-based plasticisers instead which means our floors offer a healthier choice for the foundation of your design. Our floors are also low VOC and our Luxury Vinyl Plank floorboards even offer antibacterial benefits.


Imagine Floors by Airstep flooring is designed to be low maintenance and easy to clean.


Simply follow the Cleaning, Care and Maintenance Instructions for your chosen floors and they’ll stay looking great for years to come.


The Välinge 5G Locking System featured on our Hybrid flooring provides enhanced stability and improves the ease of installation for these floors.


If added peace of mind from now into the future is an important factor for you in choosing the new foundation of your design, we’ve got you covered.


Wherever you see this icon, the associated Imagine Floors by Airstep flooring collections are backed by a Lifetime Domestic Warranty when installed and maintained according to the product’s Installation Instructions and Cleaning, Care and Maintenance Instructions.


Good acoustic properties are important both for the health of your family and regulatory obligations. Quieter environments are better for everyone, so our Hybrid floors come with a pre-adhered underlay that helps ensure their acoustic compliance.


Our Reclaimed Wild Oak Engineered Timber floors in colour Brushed Natural Oak looking impressive in a luxury display home in Camp Hill. Floors installed by retailer Flooring Creations.