Hunting expert advice, design tips and tricks from a top interior designer? We’ve teamed up with Liv Lazenkas – the creative genius behind Flawless Interiors – to bring you inspiration and education centred around helping you create the home of your dreams.

Meet Liv

Liv Lazenkas grew up with a unique insight into interior design as her parents are the owners of Carpet's Galore Floorworld in Thomastown, Victoria. It was this upbringing that led Liv to starting Flawless Interiors as she always loved helping people find the right floors to match the style they wanted to achieve. This blossomed into Liv attending design school and starting Flawless Interiors at just 21 years of age, and she has gone from strength to strength since the creation of her company.

On this page you will find various resources showcasing the wisdom that Liv has shared with our Marketing Team (Kerrie and Jess absolutely loved sitting down with her) and we are pleased to make this collection of videos, blogs and mood boards available to inspire your next renovation.

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The Mood Boards:

Below you will find a range of mood boards that Liv has created using our floors. To find out more about the floor used in each mood board, simply click or tap the section.

Tan Tones and Burgundy

Liv identified tan tones and shades of burgundy as a trending colour palette that will suit many interior styles.


A favourite for both Liv and Jess, Barn style homes embody a sense of rustic warmth and charm.


Known for their minimalistic yet classy styling, Contemporary interiors are particularly popular at the moment.


Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the natural Aussie landscape, Australiana offers a classic, understated style.


Hamptons style spaces offer sophisticated tranquillity and are one of Liv's personal favourite interior design types.

Silver and Grey Style

Silver and grey tones are experiencing booming popularity with these shades creating a soothing vibe.


Another personal favourite of Liv's, Lakehouse style spaces are characterised by their tasteful charm.


Created around vibes of timeless elegance, Traditional interiors mix grandness with understated luxury.

Guides And Deep Dives:

Want to go deeper into the above mood boards and get more advice from the talented Liv? Have a look at the resources below. 

Inside The Mind Of LIv

Want to get to know the creative genius behind Flawless Interiors better? Check out this interview.

Trend Guide

Hunting for inspiration for your next project? Our Trend Guide features plenty of ideas.

Renovation Tips

Not sure where to start with your renovation? Discover Liv's top interior design tips here.

Dive Deeper Into Each Mood Board:

Speaking of digging deeper, if you want to know more about any of the mood boards above, check out these videos:

Want Liv’s Best Design Advice?

Chasing ideas for how to put everything together and create the perfect design? This section has you covered:

Get To Know Liv Better:

The videos in this section are all about getting to know the fabulously talented Liv.

Check Out Our Bonus Content:

Liv is a wealth of information both for those looking to renovate or build, and individuals wanting to start a career in interior design. Below you can find some bonus content with a few extra tips: