2024 Interior Design Trends

Kerrie and Jess (the Imagine Floors by Airstep Marketing Team) were lucky enough to sit down with the lovely and talented owner of Flawless Interiors – Liv Lazenkas – and chat with her about the 2024 interior design trends she’s seeing and creating for the next 12 months. The experience was quite enlightening, and this piece integrates knowledge from this interview blended with a 2024 Interior Design Trends Report that Liv provided the team with:

What Design Elements Are Trending In 2024?

When it comes to what design elements are in in 2024, Liv predicts the below five key design features are going to be popular in interior design for the coming year:

Silver Tones

Within the silver tones design element category, Liv believes that chrome, metals, mirror and brushed stainless steel” will be popular in homes throughout the next twelve months, but she does warn against leaning too heavily into a trend if it doesn’t align with your personal style.

“Unfortunately trends are very in and out, and I mean, it’s great to have some trends in your home, this year I definitely see chrome and silver and mirror and stuff like that coming in, but that’s where I’d just keep it to décor, and things that are able to be changed out quite easily, and cost effectively.”

For those looking to create a silver style in their home, Liv put together a mood board for us that included a collection of silver and grey design elements – as well as our Keeta Frosted Oak 8mm Laminate – which blend well to create a soft, cool, space.

Bold Statements

Given that Liv is all about creating timeless designs with elements that perfectly suit the owner of the space, it is no surprise that bold statements are on her list of design elements that will be popular in 2024. In fact, when asked what the best advice she’d ever received was, Liv responded with “do whatever you want … in life we say do what makes you happy, but I think when it comes to your house, do whatever makes you happy.”

Liv feels that marbles and patterned/mosaic floors will be particularly popular in the coming twelve months but emphasised that people should select elements that reflect their personality as “you’re the one who has to live with it, you have to love it.”

Dark Toned Timber

Another design element that Liv feels will trend in 2024 is dark toned timber. Whether this be in the context of dark flooring (like the gorgeous deep brown tones of our Naturale Plank 5.0 Truffle floors that Liv uses in her Hamptons mood board) or integrated through furniture and other décor pieces.

We do, of course, love the idea of integrating these dark timber tones through your floors as it’s a great way to make a statement and add intimacy to a space, but the possibilities are nearly endless with this trend, which allows you to really combine it with your personal style.

Matching Walls And Ceilings

Although traditionally the vertical surfaces of our homes have differed in shade from the horizontal ones, Liv predicts that the rising trend of having your walls and ceiling in the same colour will continue to be popular over the coming twelve months. This type of paint job creates a more cohesive look with a seamless flow between walls and ceiling, making it ideal for those who want their design elements to blend together.

Tan Tones and Burgundy

Highlighted in the soft chic style mood board Liv created with our Adare Dolce Oak Laminate floors, tan tones and burgundy shades are tipped to be prominent this year. Pairing particularly well with pinks and mustards, tan and burgundy tones can be warmed up, or cooled down, depending on the look that you’re going for within your space.

Brass tapware and hardware work particularly well with this type of style as they create contrast without being jarring, and we love the sleekness of the options Liv has selected for this mood board.

The Top Seven Most Popular 2024 Interior Design Trends

Speaking on her preferred design styles, Liv stated “there are a lot of styles I like, I love Lakehouse, Farmhouse… I am a Coastal girl, I do love, a crisp white kitchen, I love a touch of blue, definitely some brushed brass, just quite light and bright.”

In terms of what she feels will be popular in terms of design trends in 2024, these styles do appear, with Liv creating mood boards for eight styles to be included in this piece. Six of these mood boards are showcased below, with the other two appearing above in the design element trends section of this piece.


Lakehouse style allows you to “immerse your space in a palette of deep blues and luminous whites … Hints of Lakehouse charm can be woven in with sea glass blue wall accents or the addition of a suspended rattan chair, evoking the gentle sway of lakeside breezes.” You may also wish to consider “perhaps introducing subtle stripes with a tasteful throw or cushion.”

In the mood board created for this style, Liv makes use of our Asha Citrine Oak Hybrid flooring paired with plenty of light tones and black finishings for contrast.


“The sophisticated Hamptons style of interior design brings a sense of calm and tranquillity to any room … The timeless mix of beach-inspired décor and timber furniture sees neutral tones topped off by beautiful blues and greens.”

As noted further up in this piece, our Truffle Naturale Plank 5.0 Luxury Vinyl Plank floorboards are the chosen foundation for this design, with the quintessential blue tones of this style contrasting with soft greys and bright whites. Hamptons style can also be created with lighter flooring if desired, but the traditional option of a dark floorboard creates stunning contrast.


“Contemporary style embraces minimalistic elements highlighting grays, beiges and shades of white. Sleek, thoughtful, hidden details emphasize an edited aesthetic. Contemporary style offers an ‘everything in its place’ interior featuring designs that are high on function and simplicity and low on collections and fuss.”

Crafted using our Ikoma Rift Oak Hybrid floors and a light base with deep grey and golden accents, this contemporary mood board keeps things classy without sacrificing on elements of interest.


“Colonial-style decor should evoke a feeling of stately elegance. The interior often features a grand entrance hall, wide staircase, polished wood floors, millwork, and wainscoting. Fireplaces were also focal points in the room. However, early Colonial style was very simple, straightforward, and rustic.”


“Pitched ceilings, rustic beams, and exposed wood are all hallmarks of a barn-style house. Today’s barn homes incorporate such traditional elements but also add modern touches, like a monochromatic white palette or sleek fixtures.”

Drawing upon many similar elements to those found in a barn style space, the country aesthetic is also a good option for those who enjoy this type of interior. Liv created a mood board in this style using our Barnwood Naturale Plank 3.0 Luxury Vinyl Planks – a personal favourite for Jess.


Speaking on this interior design trend, Liv said “Australiana is a classic yet very understated interior style. I absolutely love the colours you can derive from the Australian landscape.” For this mood board, she used our Oatlands Sandy Blackbutt Luxury Vinyl Plank floorboards, with olive, cream and brushed brass tones.


Much like our stunning Masterpieces Laminate flooring collection, Traditional style finds its inspiration in 18th and 19th century Europe. Commonly paired back and designed to create a sense of timeless elegance, this style is grand and quiet at the same time.

For the traditional mood board she put together, Liv made use of our Casual Chevron floors from the Masterpieces range, coupled with floral wallpaper and subtle tones.

Looking for further inspiration for your next interior design project? Check out our 2024 Renovation Guide. Or, if you’re ready to get your hands on some new floors and get started, head over to our Store Locator to find your closest Imagine Floors stockist.


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